Make all artwork to size. 


Inks/Color and Shirts 

Include a color proof of what the final print should look like. Ink and shirt color/s must be specified. Colors should be Spot Colors (including White and Black ink) and should be chosen from our stock inks or the Pantone Coated guide (exceptions for specialty inks and 4-color Process printing). Contact us with any questions. Ink colors tend to shift on colored shirts. Some colors work better than others on dark shirts, some won’t work at all without an underlay. Contact us with any questions. Avoid using the Multiply blending mode to simulate translucent overprinting. Depending on color combinations, final results will differ drastically. Contact us to schedule an ink drawdown to proof final colors and combinations. 


Illustrator/Vector artwork 

Make art to size. Save in .AI or .PDF format, CMYK color mode. Legacy format (CS5 and Corel) preferred to avoid compatibility issues. Create Outlines on all fonts. Convert all strokes to Outlines. Include any/all imported or placed images and graphic files. Avoid using Clipping Masks. Use the Pathfinder tool instead. 


Photoshop/Raster artwork

Make art to size. Save in .PSD or .TIF format, CMYK color mode (or Grayscale if the design is 1-color). File resolution should be at least 300dpi, and not to exceed 600dpi. 


Technical and Printing Specifics

Please proof-read any and all copy. Moose’s is not responsible for mistakes in spelling. Avoid using images from the internet when possible. Press checks require scheduling and may result in additional fees. 



Make each file vector format ( .cdr .pdf .ai ).

A digitizing fee may be applied for embroidered items.